Hot Air Balloon Launches & Rides

We’ve got many different ways for you to experience the colorful balloons – watch them during their launches, see them light up the evening sky at our night glow, go for a free short tether ride, or a full one hour ride!

Hot Air Balloon Launch

Photo by Mike Ricciardi Photography & Design

Friday 6pm
Saturday 7am and 6pm
Sunday 7am and 6pm

Watch as our beautiful multi-colored balloons take to the sky!

Morning launches are free to watch – no ticket required. Come into the park and watch.

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Tether Rides

Saturday Noon – 2, different balloons at 2pm – 4pm
Sunday Noon – 2, different balloons at 2pm – 4pm

Tether rides are free!

A tethered ride is when the balloon lifts off the ground, hovers 20-30 feet above the ground for several minutes, but does not launch and fly away. Experience the feeling of flight. Grab your camera and hop in the basket of your favorite balloon for an amazing experience!

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Full Rides

A full ride of approximately an hour is available (weather dependent). These are very limited, so request yours today. We have confirmed with the pilots that there is cell phone service in the sky, so you can post photos/video to your social media page, or even due a live stream!

Balloon rides are $250. For information and to schedule, contact (607) 761-2475.


Saturday 3pm – 5pm
Sunday 3pm – 5pm

A panel of 4-6 pilots will be on hand to talk about the sport of hot air ballooning. They will go over the history of ballooning and share their stories from flying. A real basket on hand to take family pictures and answer any questions you may have on ballooning.

Night Glow

Friday at 8:30pm

A hot air balloon is beautiful during the day, but they get even better at night! Watch as our vibrant multi-colored balloons fill with light and glow against the evening sky.

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