Kids’ Safety Pad

The Safety Pad provides a safe location for kids if they become separated from their parents or feel threatened during the event. Safety Pads are located at the North Entrance (near the gardens), South Entrance (Bevier St.), and near the middle of the park by the bathrooms and playground.

The Safety Pads all open with the start of the festival and close at 8:00 on Friday, 7:00 on Saturday, and 5:00 on Sunday.

When you first get to the park, visit one of the safety pads to:

  • Fill out a free ID bracelet for your child that has your name, cell phone number, and any special needs for your child.
  • Fill out a “What My Child is Wearing” form for you so that you may describe your child if needed.
  • Teach your child what the safety pad logo looks like, and teach them to go to it if they get lost.

Children’s Tent

Located near the playground in the middle of the park, the Children’s Tent has a number of activities and crafts for your little ones to do.

You can even take a photo in our Safety Pad cutout photo board!